Port a jeedom script to HA


I’m a bit brand new to Home Assistant but at the moment I can do pretty much what I want: slight_smile:

But I would need a little help porting a Jeedom script to Home Assistant.

This is a script that allows you to manage a Maico VMC: recover temperatures, hygrometry, manage speed, etc …

Could anyone help me with this? Of course the result will be available to the community: slight_smile:

Thanks, Nico

Hey Nico,

I would be very interested in adding my Maico to HA. Have you been successfull?

Best regards

Hello, i am back on this project. did you work on it ?


Any progress on Maico integration ?
This github jeedom files may be helpful

I have found no solution so far. No API from Maico Or anything like that…

I made it with node-red. Here is a tuto by a friend based on my solution :slight_smile: