Port for update sensors from HAss App and update from external?


Is all communication to Home Assistant including sensor update from HAss App going via the same port 8123? Or can be sensor update from HAss App be do in a different way?

Currently I am running HAss in my LAN with no access from outside. I have an own domain, running a proxy server for other applications and I am running a VPN. I can reach HAss from HAss App on the phone when I enable VPN. That is fine for my use case. Technically I am also able to set-up the reverse proxy or port forwarding to permanently get access from outside. This I have not done so far due to security concerns.

My issue is that I would like to open the connection for the HAss App to update the position data without exposeing my full HAss to the outside world. Any possibilities?

The only options I see so far:

  • permanently enable VPN on the mobile
  • expose full HAss to outside by port forwarding in the firewall
  • expose full HAss to outside by reverse proxy

Interesting. Is my question so unclear or is my use case so unique?

If I want to get position data from HAss App to my HAss I either have to expose the full server to outside by port forwarding or proxy. This is my current level of information. No other option for sensor update.