Port Forwarding Fails, unable to access HomeAssistant now

I have followed all the steps to setup remote access to my HomeAssistant using DuckDNS.

Changing the configuration file, with my DuckDNS Domain and my Token.
I have followed the process as far as I can tell on my router to setup port forwarding for port 8123, although this appears to fail.

owing to the configuration setup on my configuration file i am now unable to access my HomeAssistant using the normal route (homeassistant.local:8123) or through using the ip address or domain name.

can anyone assist me with gaining access again? preferably without doing a full reset.


So I gather you don’t have access to your HA from the local network either: https://[Your-HA-IP]:8123?

How are you running HA?



That is correct.

I currently have no access that i can find. so its currently just a paperweight.

I am running it through a raspbery pi 3B.

OK, assuming you can connect a monitor and a keyboard and it actually boots, you could try editing the configuration.yaml file in the console with these steps (the highlighted part of every line is the command to run,. It assumes some knowledge of linux commands and the vi text editor:

Ref: Edit configuration.yaml with Hass.io CLI - #11 by CircuitSetup

If not, try could try removing the sdcard from the Raspi, connecting it to a compiter and editing the configuration.yaml it on a linux box (Windows would work too with the right software).

Good luck, don’t get intimidated by the command line, it’s our (sysadmins) best friend.