Port Forwarding help, please

I have never exposed my Home Assistant to the web, but I am going on an extended trip soon and would like to be able to “call home”.

My router is a Verizon FIOS “Quantum Gateway”. I suspect that my port forwarding is not right because xxxxx.duckdns.org:8123 takes me to my router at Entering my IP, http://173.76.xxx.163:8123 in the browser gives me “This site can’t be reached”.

Here is how I set up the port forwarding:

Any assistance offered would be appreciated.

Pay the $5.00 a months Its heaps easier they have done the hard work for us


I may but I am retired and $5 here, $5 there, before long I am spending my Social Security check.
If I buy into the cloud for Web access to my Home Assistant server, can I turn it off later or do I lose local control of my Home Assistant?

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its not a cloud thing

all it is. is a way to view your Home assistant ONLY now thing else in were network

It can be that your internet connection is NAT-ed, this is very often done by internet providers in order to save internet addresses.
If is the case, you should request public ip address from your provider.
You can check this by comparing wan address reported by your router with address displayed on whatsmyip web page.

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You shouldn’t open a direct port from the net to your HA. It’s a security vulnerability, especially moreso if you have smart door locks.

You should NEVER do that.

DuckDNS provides NO SECURITY AT ALL. It’s just like leaving the keys to your house on the back porch under the mat. Somebody has to look for them but if they know where to look they have direct access to your house.

The easiest way to get secure remote access is via Nabu Casa (it’s now $6.50 not $5 a month). But you don’t want that.

the next best thing is to set up a VPN. It establishes an encrypted entry point to your network that requires a key on both ends (your device and the local VPN server) to open the link.

I use both NC and a VPN.

The VPN I use is now is Wireguard because it was easy to set up if I recall correctly and it’s free. there are other free options though too. I used to use OpenVPN which worked well too.

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Of course it is a cloud thing.

I’ll give Wireguard a try. It would be really nice if it could work directly in HassOS, but having an additional PC or Linux box running on my LAN 24/7 would be a small price to pay.

I don’t use HassOS but I think there may be a Wireguard add-on.

Yes, there is- thanks for the tip.

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Even if you try out the cloud subscription for a month, you will always have local control. So of course that does not end when your subscription to cloud access ends.

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