Port forwarding issues - New router

Hi, really hoping someone can help! Had HA running for a few years, however i’ve just been sent a new router. Virgin Media Hub 5.
I’ve gone back into DuckDNS and changed that to my new IP.
I’ve gone into the port forwading seetings and made this adjustment:-

I’m using DuckDNS along with NGINX SSL proxy.

However, i’m not able to connect to home assistant via the app. I get the message:
Unable to connect to Home Assistant. Encountered error: A generic SSL error occured when loading home assistant.

Is there something else I need to adjust?

You don’t have the settings of your old router anymore?
Here, you are plainly forwarding external https traffic (port 443) to on port 80, which is likely not https but http, so that won’t work.

Thanks for the reply. Just managed ot solve it, should have looked like this!

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Thanks Buddy,saved my ass…with this screenshot :smiley:

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I’m running a VM hub 5 and trying to install my first HA using a HA green and cannot connect to it. I’ve tried browser and app but just can’t connect.

Does the hub 5 auto block this?