Port Forwarding on Nest Wifi for Remote Access

I’ve just completed the installation of HA on a Raspberry Pi 4 and am working on configuring remote access to allow me to integrate with my current SmartThings setup but I’m stuck at port forwarding.

I have the Nest wifi router and have the option of port forwarding within my Google Home app but I must choose from a list of devices listed. The problem is that my HA doesn’t show. It’s certainly connected to my network but definitely not showing in this list.

Where do I go from here?

Your Raspberry Pi 4 doesn’t show up in the list?

Sadly, the thing has to be on and connected to the network at the time of setting up port forwarding. I really don’t like this app and its restrictions. The list you see is only the currently connected devices.

Go to the Devices tab and try to find your RPI in that list? Maybe it’s just named something you don’t expect. If you find it, you can rename the device from that tab to make it recognizable.

Also super annoying, the devices tab doesn’t show IP address or MAC right there, so you have to click on each one individually to see if it’s even the right one.

It sounds like this is a bit of a limitation of your Nest WiFi Router. It is probably building it’s list of devices based on DHCP. I think you might be able to do this:

  1. Figure out the Static IP that you assigned to your home assistant/Raspberry PI.
  2. Create a DHCP Reservation for it here (even though it will not really use DHCP): https://support.google.com/googlenest/answer/6274660?hl=en-CA
  3. Then try seeing if the device shows up in the port forwarding spot.

Unfortunately, it is on and connected yet it’s not showing in the devices list. It is showing when I scan my network with Fing but it won’t show up on the devices list in my Google Home app.

It looks like this method requires me to find my device within a list in the Google Home app, my device doesn’t appear in this list either.

I have added dhcp reservation from the list. How to set the port forwarding rules? Can someone show me what the internal and external port screens look like? Please and thank you :slight_smile: