Port forwarding plus VPN at the same time


I am running Home assistant on a raspberry pi 3. I use the venv version of home assistant.
To access home assistant remotely I have set up port forwarding on my router and it works correctly when I am outside my house. However I also want to run a VPN service, particularly privateinternetaccess, in the same raspberry pi as the home assistatn. I use openvpn with the config files provided by privateinternetaccess to connect to their servers and the connection works correctly. However now that the VPN is running I cannot access home assistant from outside the house. Is it possible to solve this problem in some way? I am having a hard time searching for this problem since I am not hitting the correct keywords in the search and cannot find any similar problem posted before in forums. I would appreciate if someone could give me a solution or point me in the correct way to search for more info on the topic!
Thank you!

PIA blocks all ports by default, I think you can setup port forwarding in your account settings for the vpn. You now essentially have another firewall in front of you firewall at home i believe.