Portable ESP running from battery

I have a wemos D1 mini v3.0.0 and a Wemos D1 Mini battery shield v1.2.0 connected together.
I want to run this from a battery for max 3 weeks. This will update the water level and temp.

I have optimized the code to use MQTT and set multiple sleep times.
7.00am - 10:00pm every 3 mins
10:00pm - 7:00am every 1 hour
i have soldered RST & D0 to enable wake up from deep sleep.

all I want to do is monitor a 3.7 3700mAh battery that is connected to the battery shield to power the project.
I have soldered J2 together on the battery shield, but I can’t for the life of me work out the voltage - percentage of the battery.

Can anyone help?