Portainer add-on, after install overview shows containers, but


I’ve added the Portainer add-on to my HA version 104.1 in an intel NUC running in Docker.
Upon starting Portainer, I can see in the overview I have 17 containers where 1 is stopped.

When selecting it, in the next windows, it tells me I have 0 containers:

Anybody with an idea why?

I already had Portainer installed on a standalone Ubuntu where I had added my NUC and could access the containers on my NUC…

I’m by far an expert on the topic, but when I switched to a NUC I used this guide to get it setup: https://www.juanmtech.com/set-up-hassio-in-docker-and-in-an-ubuntu-server/

Thanks @Markus99 but that guide is for a standalone Portainer install (which of course I could use) but wanted to move it from standalone to be part of my HA as an addon.

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Solved, as it seems the add-on add the HA containers to the ‘hidden containers’…