Portainer - HAOS not visible. Home Assistant is running

I’ve been running HA on my Pi 3 for quite a few years but it’s showing signs of it’s age now.

I’ve recently bit the bullet and installed ubuntu on an old MSI industrial micro PC.
I’ve manged to set up Docker & Portainer. Home Assistant is running on Docker fine and I can get to the HA web UI no problem.

What is confusing me - I do not see any instances of HA in Portainer.

I’m totally new to all of this and it’s quite a steep learning curve so bare with me.
I’ve checked the settings for Hidden Containers and there are none listed.
I only see 3 containers with images for hello-world all showing as exited.
Under Images I only see hello-world:latest.

What am I missing here?

You probably have two instances of docker running. Especially if you installed docker from Ubuntu’s repositories and then later followed a separate guide to install Portainer and/or HA.

In your title you also mention HAOS is not visible. You wouldn’t see that from the installation method you described.


Not sure why you are using portainer as it is not part of the installation instructions.

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You don’t say what procedure you used to install the HA Docker container. Did you install it from the command line or via Portainer? If the latter, was it a standalone container or a stack?

If you installed it outside of Portainer, it may not show up in Portainer. Alternatively, it may appear but be unmanageable.

What does this command tell you

docker ps

Thanks chaps - sorted now.
There were two instances running.

I’ve since ditched the Ubuntu/Docker approach and gone with Proxmox.
I find this much more suitable

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