Portainer in HA - how to add new Endpoint ? - missing 'Heartbeat'

Hi Team

I’m having a problem with getting ‘heartbeat’ from new endpoint (new docker server) - wondering if it has something to do with “The agent will communicate with Portainer via and tcp://” - is that the HA port … ?

Running a NUC with proxmox. Here I have a HA setup running. HA OS and HA is at latest.
Her I have added the Portainer add on. It works fine - I have 27 images running in the HA stack - all managed/viewable from Portainer.

Now I have created a new docker setup at new physical hw. Running Frigate at this. Would like to get this docker server managed from the HA/Portainer.
In the HA/Portainer, I have created a new endpoint . Taken the ‘Docker standalone’ command, and executed at the new server. Can see when doing docker ps, that there are two images running - Frigate and Agent.
at the Endpoint I have added the IP of the new docker server.
But going to home/dashboard in the portainer, I don’t det the 'heartbeat ’ from the agent. it is ‘grey’ with Associated as value. It is supposed to be green and say heartbeat - according to the write ups.

Looking at the endpoint defintion, it has the sentence at top, where it has the IP of the HA (which is also the Portainer) but with the port of HA - 8123 … is that the problem ? - if so, where do I change this ?