Porting devices to HA

I’m new to HA. I’m running a self-built automation system in my home theater. It is a python-based system that talks to the equipment, running on distributed Raspberry Pi units. I’m considering migrating the automation setup to HA, and are motivated to port and develop the necessary integration for HA. But I’m very new to HA, so I would like some recommendations to point me in the right direction, please.

I’m running official HA in Docker in a server room, so everything HA shall integrate to must be network-based. E.g. I’m using mqtt against openzwave running on an external raspberry pi. For the direct connected devices listed below I plan to connect them to a Raspberry Pi and send the messages over the network to HA.

The devices I want to integrate is:

  • Yamaha Processor. HTTP AJAX protocol. On/off, volume, channel, status.
  • Oppo BDP-103 bd-player. RS232 protocol to RPi. On/off, play/pause, progress notification
  • Sony VPL-HW50ES projector. RS232 protocol to RPI. On/off, display mode, hour runtime
  • DMX-based lighting system, via ola (open lighting architecture). Connected to RPI.
  • irDA remote transmitter running on a RPI.

I already have implemented (python) interfaces against all these devices, so the job is how to implement integration with HA. I would be nice if all these functions could be implemented over mqtt. Is that possible? How much effort will it take in HA to implement these devices when using mqtt as transport?

I sincerely hope that I can get some useful feedback here, please. I’m a bit stuck on how to bite this burger.

Best regards,

I know this is an old post but just seen it and thought i would reply. There are various integrations that would likely communicate with your equipment including serial communication and a custom component that works with dmx/artnet.

You could also use appdaemon and write python for linking up.