Possibility for nicer Userinterfaces?

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found this today:

looks really nice, with those images and so on. How could we get such a thing in HA?

Who knows, there are no technical details.

These devices are available on AliExpress, and there are other threads on them.

There are also similar devices usable via openhasp and esphome.

I think they might be asking about duplicating the display in a Home Assistant dashboard.

Each card supports a background so that part is easy.

Changing the fonts would require some card-mod or theme work. There are topics about this on the forum.

Changing the buttons to whatever you want can be done with custom-button card.

Changing the thermostat?

Not sure, there may be some custom options that look similar.

Same for the gauges.

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The post could be taken either way, but honestly didn’t think it was a dashboard question to start. I think you may be right! Definitely doable, but like you mentioned, quite a bit of modding to accomplish similar results.

Yeah sorry - > It is a Dashboard question. I have - funnily - the same device at home, but witch exchanged Android and Fully Kiosk already running. I was just wondering on how to implement such beautiful dashbaords / Cards. I already managed to accomplish some with the button card and Card-mod - thanks for the hints!

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The eye of the beholder…

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