Possibility of renaming gas consumption (Energy Dashboard)

Please make it possible to rename the energy source for heating in the energy consumption dashboard. I have an oil heater and I can see the kwh consumption. Would therefore like to be able to rename it.

You should be able to simply rename the entity’s friendly name.

Yes, but in the Energy Dashboard the word “Gas” seems to be Hardcoded


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I would really love this too
My heat source is a heat pump

It would be great to rename this

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I also would like to have the possibility to rename Gas.

Here in Germany we have many ways how to heat water / the house:

  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Wood Pellets
  • Woodchips

All of them can be calculated to kw/h so no problem here, but giving it the right would make the dashboard nicer :slight_smile:

Dashboard ist great.
I added my district heating to Gas.
As district heating in also common in Germany, add it to the list