Possibility to install Hass.io on and boot from external USB media on Raspberry Pi 3

I would love to be able to install Hass.io on an external USB drive and boot without an SD card.

Raspberry Pi 3 can boot from (some) USB mass storage devices. (Only model 3 can boot without SD cards.)

Support for USB booting in Resin OS is being discussed on their tracker.

Some folks are reporting success on the HA forums.

The process is unfortunately somewhat involved (You need to boot at least once from an SD card to set the appropriate configuration on the Rasperry Pi 3) and could maybe made easier by offering a special Hass.Io-build which has the USB boot parameters already set and with a different partition scheme.

(The thread formerly known as Github Issue #246)

Please implement this! I love being able to run Hassbian from USB (after enabling USB boot on the RPi3). It’s one of the few things I now miss with Hass.io but it’s a important feature.

I’ve moved this to Feature Requests so that people can vote on it.


where? link

here directly - at the top of the page

Please add my support for this!

Is there any new with this request?
It would be great to use usb drives (ssd, msata) with rpi, especially that rpi3b+ can already use them to boot.


+1 for this. I’m getting tired of having to restore to a fresh SD card every few months.


If I go to the feature requests page, I’m not even seeing this one listed. WHY NOT?

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How is this not at the top of the list for votes? It would be a game-changer for so many.

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