Possible bug? 0.114 Lovelace Popup

Hi all,

After upgrading to 0.114.x i’m getting a new issue in the frontend.

Whenever i reload my homeassistant page (whether this is on my iPhone or my Google Chrome Browser on my Desktop) i get the “Which card would you like to add to your “” view?”. Although my dashboard has pages with components on them. Is there any way to disable this popup?

I found that 3 days ago, someone else had the exact same issue, but the link (from Google) seems to be dead:

Did I miss something?

Kind regards,

For the future people running into this issue: It seems to be gone after updating some of the integrations from HACS and doing a reboot.

I am still getting this after upgrading to 0.114.2, updating all my components, and restarting the server

I’m still getting same problem after upgrading to 0.114.2…how can we solve it?