Possible bug/limitation if you have multiple ESPHome devices in an automation?

I have three ESPHome devices, I use them to play MP3s in automations, e.g. “front door has been open for x minutes” around the house.

I have just noticed that (as one of my ESPHome devices is offline) if Home Assistant can’t ‘reach’ the offline ESPHome device it then stops the rest of the service actions from completing

Bedroom reminder: Error executing script. Service not found for call_service at pos 1: Service esphome.esp32mp3_dfplayer_play_folder not found.

Not sure what to do (raise a ticket/issue) or if others can replicate this?

This is as designed.
And not esphome related but ga related.
You could add continue_on_error: true
For each step of your automation.
It wil not stop if something gies wrong

Thanks, did not know that! :slight_smile: