Possible to access both Ethernet and WiFi networks?

I am a HA beginner doing initial setup and configuration. I have installed HA OS in a Proxmox VM running on an intel NUC. I can only see the Ethernet network.
I need HA to be able to see both my main LAN on the Ethernet as well as a separate LAN using WiFi (I have my IoT stuff on my routers Guest WiFi LAN).
Is this possible? Any suggestions or tips for how to do this?
If even possible, I think it involves getting Proxmox to see the WiFi port, then connecting that to the HAOS VM?
Is it easier if I don’t use Proxmox and just install HAOS to the NUC?

Usually the guest WAN is walled off from the rest of your network for security so it won’t work unless you move your devices to your network. Not to say you can’t use a seperate WAP but I don’t bother.

The best way to resolve this is to add an IP route in your gateway to connect the two LANs together. I you are a network beginner I suggest (easier for you to manage long-term) you move your IoT devices to the same network as your Proxmox.

If you are familiar with Linux/Debian you can setup a route between your wired and wireless network interface under Proxmox.