Possible to add custom input fields to user settings or HomeAssistant config in the UI?


I wonder if it is somehow possible to create additional, custom input fields in the user settings or in the general HomeAssistant configuration screen in the lovelace UI? Whatever is entered there should be stored by HomeAssistant and be retrievable as a variable in scripts, etc.

My use case:

I created a script to play a playlist from Spotify and that works fine.
To change the ID of the playlist, I know need to edit the yaml of the script and reload scripts.
It would be nice if I could just go to either user settings or the config UI and type that ID in a custom input field there and reference that with a variable in my script.

Is this possible? If not, anybody else thinks this is a good feature request?


Should be possible using an input-text to store the playlist ID. To update, you’d have to go to a card in lovelace instead of the user config screen though.

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OK, that is perfectly fine to have it in a card…I just create a config tab in my dashboard.