Possible to add sensor on my rasberry pi?


Apologies for the possible out-of-topic, but did not know where else to post/ask.

I am currently running my HA through hass.io on a Rasberry Pi 3 B+.
With all the pins on the pi, is it possible to add sensors directly to the pins on the pi and configure them similarly as one would on an ESP8266-board?

I am particularly thinking of making my Pi into a Bruh-multisensor (https://esphome.io/cookbook/bruh.html), if possible.

If you’re talking about using ESPHome on non-ESP devices, no. ESPHome is made for ESPs.

But I think most of the things in the bruh-multisensor are directly supported by HA too - it’s probably a bit more work to get things working but I imagine it’s possible (haven’t tried, so no support questions please)

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I’ve never used it but you might start by looking here:

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Or you can access GPIO through Node RED.

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