Possible To Configure HomeSeer WD200+ Z-Wave Association Group #1?

I have HomeSeer WD200+ Z-Wave switches I need to link together (via association group #1). The link allows the switches to work together (one switch directly controlling the other).

From the docs (https://homeseer.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/HS-WD200-Manual-6.pdf):

"ASSOCIATION - This product supports association group #1 for lifeline communication. Refer to your controller manual for instructions on setting the lifeline association."

Any help would be appreciated.


Group 1 is for lifeline communication with your ZWave hub / controller. Use group 2 if yours trying to use direct association to allow one switch to control another.

The ‘how’ is dependent on your ZWave implementation. Are you using ZWave JS, Zwavejs2mqtt, or?

I am using Z-Wave JS.

I think I figured this out on my own. I am just using Z-wave events to link the switches together.