Possible to control device through Hass.io and original provider apps?

My current HA setup consists of Hive (heating & light bulb) along with a couple of IKEA TRADFRI drivers which are controlled using IKEA TRADFRI remote control.

I’m nearly setup correctly (rPi with Hass.io, Mosquitto broker, zigbee2mqtt) but have a very basic question (which I should have asked before I started this journey)

Once devices are added to the Hass.io server, can they still be controlled natively through the providers app or controls? So for instance can I independently of Hass.io control the ikea lighting via the tradfri remote or use the Hive app to control the light bulb?

Or once I add them to the Hass.io server they can only be controlled via the server?

Should be able to use both (unless you have flashed some custom firmware on them)

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