Possible to create a RTSP stream and to refresh the stream every 2 minutes in Node Red?

I successfully created a flow where when the front gate opens, it would turn on the lights, snap a pic, and sends the pic via the telegram payload.

The issue I’m having is that the pic taken was not in real time (opened the gate at 6:45pm, the timestamp on the image itself, says 6:40pm or something,) I noticed if I leave the Home Assistant tab running, it would capture the snapshots in real time. Turns out Eufy limits RTSP streams to 3 minutes max, which is why a lot of times snapshots captured times are completely off (it’s a wired indoor camera as well).

Anyone know of a simple flow where you could refresh the RTSP every 2 and a half minutes? I’m completely stumped.


Try this in the data section of your notify call service node, change the camera entity. If that does not work post the flow of how you are grabbing the snapshot.

   "message":"message body",
       "image": $entities('camera.g3_instant_high').attributes.entity_picture

Tried out the code (probably messed something up), it said API error.

Finally got it working! It seems to do the job. I made a new flow, and only added the poll state node for the camera, edited to update every 2 minutes and added the call service node to take a snapshot.

Now, it takes a photo in real time whenever the gate is opened! Thanks again for your help! Bloody Eufy, and their 3 minute RTSP limitation!