Possible to create sensor with multiple attributes from JSON Restful?

I am calling an API that returns weather data including a list of the wind speed forecast for each of the next 48 hours. I am interested in finding the maximum wind speed and its time and base some automations on that value.

I tried saving each of the hourly data objects, which would give me an object with the data I needed but I got a warning about the state exceeding 255 characters for each of the objects

so I created a sensor ‘owm_max_speed’ . In an ideal world for me, this would have 2 attributes, ‘speed’ and ‘time’.

In my sensors.yaml I have:

        friendly_name: "Max Wind Speed"
        value_template: >-
          {% set hour_one = state_attr('sensor.owm_report', 'hourly')[0] %}
          {% set hour_two = state_attr('sensor.owm_report', 'hourly')[1] %}
## snip out redundant ##
{% set hour_ten = state_attr('sensor.owm_report', 'hourly')[9] %}
          {% set hours = [hour_one, hour_two, hour_three, hour_four, hour_five, hour_six, hour_seven, hour_eight,hour_nine, hour_ten]  %}
          {% set ns = namespace(max_hour=hour_one) %}
          {% for hour in hours -%}
          {% if hour.wind_speed > ns.max_hour.wind_speed -%}
            {% set ns.max_hour = hour %}
          {%- endif %}
          {%- endfor %}
          {{ ns.max_hour.wind_speed }} @ {{ ns.max_hour.dt|timestamp_custom ('%-I:%M %p') }}

This gives me a string that is fine for display, but I need the speed value separately as I want to trigger events based on that speed crossing above or below a certain value.

Is it possible to create an object that has both of those values?

Or if I need to create a separate sensor, one for display and one for the automation value. And if so, do I need to create the identical list and for loop for each one?

Also if there is a better suggestion on a way to create the list I iterate through, that would be welcome. I do appreciate code improvement comments.