Possible to force update include_dir_merge without restart?

I have recently migrated a dashboard into YAML mode that contains both !include_dir_merge_named and !include_dir_merge_list. I want to update the dashboard as easy as possible after doing a change in any of those merged files. Right now the only way that works for me is to Restart HA. That is a quite painful way of working with UI changes. Reloading “All YAML configuration” or “Quick reload HA” doesn’t work.

Is that how YAML file merging is supposed to work or have I missed something?

part of configuration.yaml

  mode: storage
  <some other obfuscated resources>
  - url: /local/decluttering-card.js
    type: module
      mode: yaml
      title: NS Panel Pro
      icon: mdi:tablet-dashboard
      show_in_sidebar: true
      filename: dashboard-ns_panels.yaml

dashboard-ns_panels.yaml file below

decluttering_templates: !include_dir_merge_named wall_panels/decluttering_templates/

title: NS Panel Pro
  kiosk: true
views: !include_dir_merge_list wall_panels/views/

FYI: I have tried to update both the decluttering YAML and views YAML separately but they both seems to have the same issue. “Empty cache and Hard reload” the browser doesn’t help either.

If it is just the dashboard you are updating, refreshing the dashboard itself is all that is needed.

Edit: for comparison:
[removed as was necessary]

“refreshing the dashboard itself”
What exactly do you mean by that. It feels like I’m missing something obvious here.
What are you doing explicitly when “refreshing the dashboard”?

click on the ‘3 dots’ (menu) at the top right of the screen

Screenshot 2024-04-21 at 09.29.19

select ‘refresh’
Screenshot 2024-04-21 at 09.30.14

Thank you so much!
I can’t see that overflow menu neither in my storage UI nor my YAML UI so I guess it’s time to start looking for some enable button in HA settings.
My one and only YAML UI is also by intention hiding all it’s menus to be able to lock the UI in kiosk mode. That might also be the issue.

very likely.

The revamped kiosk mode allows itself to be turned on and off via an input_boolean. I’m using input_boolean.kiosk_mode (yaml below)

    - entity:
        input_boolean.kiosk_mode: "on"
      kiosk: true