Possible to install/leverage a library like node-linq

Hey everyone.

Running HA in a VirtualBox machine with the Node-RED and Terminal add-ons installed and running fine.

With this kind of set up is there a way to get a library like node-linq installed in Node-RED so I can use it inside function nodes?

I see posts like this about using external libraries but since my HA set up doesn’t involve the npm installer I’m not sure how, heck even if, it is possible to pull in something like this

Thanks in advance!

Technically speaking, you should be able to you use it. AFAIK, you can do a npm install via the terminal (NodeRed requires npm at its core, so npm is definitely there).

If it doesn’t work that way, you can always run NodeRed in a separate VM (or even on an old rPI3 if you have one laying around).

Thanks for the reply.,

In the Terminal add on in HA, npm is definitely not available there…

But you got me thinking maybe I’ll install and move my flows to Node-RED running on the machine that is running VirtualBox since it’s up 24/7 and i’ll for sure have npm available on that.

I’ve become such a fan of linq queries this year, i’d really like to leverage it in my flows, so this is the way i suppose!

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I honestly didn’t think anyone used LINQ anymore. I have some interesting ideas for this now… Thanks! :slight_smile: