Possible to make a card minimize?

I have 2 cards in particular that I had a question about. One acts like a remote for my roku that has 15 buttons to do different things. The other gives info about my phone such as battery, geolocation, wifi state, and some other things that has 8 total entities. These cards are very big on my main home assistant section. I was wondering is it possible to make them shrink or minimize into one button, then when I push the one button, it expands to show me all the different things on the card. I wouldn’t want this done if I used home assistant mostly on my computer since it’s a big screen, but I dont. I use my phone to view home assistant 90% of the time, and the big cards make me need to scroll for what feels like an hour till I find what card I need. So is this possible? Thanks.

Have a look at:

or hide the card with a condition (like the device being off):


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