Possible to Read Energy Records from CyberPower RMCARD205?

This card records energy usage, showing the kWh used for each day and overall through its lifespan. Is it possible to get this data into the energy dashboard of HA? Through SNMP, I couldn’t find anything from the available OID’s that showed this stat, so not sure if there is another way and possibly HA could read the data from the webpage?

It looks like NUT support may be coming.

I got this to working in the meantime.

I saw that thread and link. I was able to pull that data through SNMP, but I wanted to also get energy usage over period of one day, which it has, just not available via SNMP apparently.

Thought I might explore this thread as it seemed to be going in a similar path to me.

Recently purchased a CyberPower PR1000ERT2U Line Interactive Ups - 1000VA, and I would really like to connect the alerting across a QNAP NAS and a Proxmox server which is running a Home Assistant VM.

The UPS only has a USB connection which is plugged into the QNAP and works fine. Only the Proxmox server has no clue when the power fails. So if the power failed, the Proxmox would keep running until the batteries in the UPS went flat.

Was considering installing a RMCARD205 in the UPS, but the card costs approx $300, so I want to make absolutely sure the RMCARD205 would be able to interface across all the devices.

I know this is the home assistant forum, but I figured someone here might have come across this scenario, so I figured it would hurt to ask. If there were a way to make this work with USB then happy days… but I figured it might not be possible unless I purchase a RMCARD205 card?

My RMCARD205 worked fine until recently with HA where it no longer creates the entity for it using SNMP. I haven’t been able to fix, don’t know why it happened, but was okay until then. For USB, if not plugged into HA machine or that doesn’t work for some reason, you could have the machine it’s plugged into act as a server if it supports that.

Hi @Iceman24 thanks for the info. Seems USB can be limiting, but I am looking into other options. Issue I am finding is QNAP has limited options, so will continue looking. Would be great if there were some software on Linux that could convert USB UPS data into SNMP, but haven’t found anything yet.

I made an error with my config which caused this issue, so it is fine and CyberPower released a recent firmware update, 1.3.7 which added the energy record I was looking for, so problem solved. Thanks.

I stumbled across this thread when I was trying to find a way to integrate my RMCARD205 with HA. I found Conductor’s link very helpful as a starting point, after which I removed the temperature sensor as that requires additional hardware, and added the battery % which is what I was really after.

This is the resulting package:

  - platform: snmp
    scan_interval: 3600
    name: ups_firmware_version
    host: x.x.x.x
    accept_errors: true
  - platform: snmp
    scan_interval: 30
    name: ups_nompower
    host: x.x.x.x
    accept_errors: true
    unit_of_measurement: W
  - platform: snmp
    scan_interval: 30
    name: ups_nominv
    host: x.x.x.x
    accept_errors: true
    unit_of_measurement: V
    value_template: '{{((value | int) / 10) | int}}'
  - platform: snmp
    scan_interval: 30
    name: ups_battery_percentage
    host: x.x.x.x
    accept_errors: true
    unit_of_measurement: "%"
    value_template: '{{(value | int)}}'
  - platform: snmp
    scan_interval: 60
    name: ups_timeleft
    host: x.x.x.x
    accept_errors: true
    unit_of_measurement: 'min'
    value_template: '{{((value | int) / 6000) | int}}'
  - platform: snmp
    scan_interval: 30
    name: ups_status
    host: x.x.x.x
    accept_errors: true
    value_template: >-
      {% set status = (value | int) %}
      {%- if status == 2 -%}
      {%- elif status ==  3 -%}
      On Battery
      {%- elif status ==  4 -%}
      On Boost
      {%- elif status ==  5 -%}
      On Sleep
      {%- elif status ==  6 -%}
      {%- elif status ==  7 -%}
      {%- elif status ==  8 -%}
      On ECO
      {%- elif status ==  9 -%}
      On Bypass
      {%- elif status ==  10 -%}
      On Buck
      {%- elif status ==  11 -%}
      On Overload
      {%- else -%}
      {%- endif -%}

    name: UPS
      - ups_firmware_version
      - sensor.ups_status
      - sensor.ups_nompower
      - sensor.ups_battery_percentage
      - sensor.ups_nominv
      - sensor.ups_timeleft

      friendly_name: 'UPS Firmware Version'
      icon: mdi:information
      friendly_name: 'UPS Nominal Output Power'
      icon: mdi:flash
      friendly_name: 'UPS Nominal Input Voltage'
      icon: mdi:flash
      friendly_name: 'UPS Battery Percentage'
      icon: mdi:battery
      friendly_name: 'UPS Status'
      icon: mdi:information-outline
      friendly_name: 'UPS Time Left'
      icon: mdi:clock-alert

If you want a list of what’s available through SNMPv1 you can use

snmpwalk -c public -v1 x.x.x.x .