Possible to reduce update checks?

I’d like to reduce the number of times per day that Home Assistant phones home. I feel like “every 10 minutes” is a bit ambitious for my needs.

Is it possible to configure this inside of Home Assistant? I’m unable to find any documentation about it.

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I have wondered about this myself, but also been unable to find anything documented

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Good question. New releases appear monthly so checking every 10 minutes is overly eager.

It would suit me fine if I could dial it back to checking once a day. This way, worst case, it discovers an update is available one day after it becomes official.

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I have found that the updater doesn’t always show me when updates are available. I made my own script that checks for and downloads any new docker containers every hour (only download, not run) , so that way when I get home I can just manually restart containers and I’m there if problems arrise. I was bit before by letting them auto-update with watchtower, and I won’t let it happen again.

And of course, I have binary sensors for all my docker containers to state if an update is available.

Hadn’t thought of that, but then again, I’m used to browsing the announcements to determine if updating makes sense for me or not.

I am doing something similar to that for monitoring tasmota version releases though (have not migrated to the new integration yet)