Possible to reference platform items by index?

I am scratching out a design to use bidirectional sms via twilio to be the interface to control switches, lights, and scenes. By design, this interface will be very, very minimalist. For instance, to turn on a light text 1.1.1. To turn off the same light, text 1.1.0. Manipulate scenes with 2.1.1 and switches with 3.16.1.

The format for the text is Platform[1|2|3].ItemIndex.State[0|1] where 1=light, 2=Scene, 3=switch, zero = off and 1 = on.

My question, is it possible to reference a light, switch, or scene by index?

For instance: “entity_id”: “light[0]” or “entity_id”: “scene[3]”

I have been grubbing via google and haven’t found any automation examples that reference things by index. I can only find for…each examples.