Possible to run 12v leds with this setup?

When i manage to set it up i’ll post the results here. Thank you! :smiley:

That diagram is missing a wire from the 12v supply negative to the negative input on the DC-DC converter, so just need to add that in.

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Got it. I figure something was missing so i saw @Wetchicken comment. Still, thanks for the heads up @sparkydave

@sparkydave @CountParadox
i’m sorry i had one more question… My project is 3 sets of leds for ambilight… One for the tv, another one for the monitor and the last one for the desk…
I want to use one power source for all of the 3 setups… They will be on the same place/desk.
Also i want to use the same psu to power… 3x 10Watts 12v sound amplifier(those amazon/aliexpress mini boards) for the “home theater” setup…
3x ws8211 led strips(the 3 together have 5 meters total, 60 leds per meter);
3x nodemcu for the strips(do i need the dc-dc converter for each board or just one can handle the 3 of them?);
4x mini 10 watt 12 volts sound amplifier board.

Does a 12v 15 amps power supply handle my bizarre project? :upside_down_face:

Thanks in advance! :sweat_smile:

So… 900 LED’s @ 18.5mA each (full brightness white) = 50A.

(4*10)/12 = 3.33A

TOTAL = well, pretty easy, much more than 15A

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Actually… I believe is 300 leds… i’m getting a 5m led strip and cutting to fit the tv, monitor and the desk… so is 60x5 right or there is something more about the strips? Because i didn’t bought it yet so i have no idea… All i know is that on the website they say 60 led per meter…

Thanks for the reply :smiley:

RGB leds are red, green and blue LEDs in one package, its technically 3 leds… per “led”

in saying that, I think its closer to 6A usage for a 5m strip of 5050 LEDs

50A doesnt sound quite right…

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@sparkydave @CountParadox
So, a 12v 15amp is good enough for one 5m led strip and 4*10 watt amplifier board?

Im throwing htis idea in: Instead of chinese PSU with screw terminals, use a PC PSU instead. It has properly made connections, no exposed live connections and spit out 3,3V, 5v and 12V and has a 5v standby rail. For example, the thermaltake hamburg (the psu my pc uses, thats why it comes to my mind) can deliver up to 38A at the 12V rail and 15A at the 5V rail and is certified for 80+ bronze (which is my personal minimum requirement for a psu, means it is atleast 85% efficient at 100% load).
With an atx extension you can make the wiring easy to swap the psu.
Wiring wise, connect the green via a relay to ground, the relay switch pin goes to an esp pin, purple (5v standby, this voltage is there when the psu is off) goes to the esp´s, 12v (yellow) goes to your 12v appliances.
The thermaltake hamburg should be sufficient for your 4 10watt amplifiers (are those class d amps, then definetly yes) and the led´s, i believe you will never turn them all to the brightest white possible. And if you turn all strips to the brightest white, the led´s will be a bit dimmer, but i imagine wled calculates the estimated power usage and sends “corrected” values to the strip.


I know but, as weird as it sounds, buying a proper psu for leds(the ones with the terminals) from a good brand in my country(not from china like those from aliexpress) than a pc psu… Because of the pandemic…

it would probably be fine. but dont use a random psu from ebay/amazon etc… get a brand name one at least.

Maybe consider an old emerson server psu or something, theyre usually happy up to like 12v 62A or something and very cheap

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@CountParadox Got it! Thanks for the help guys!
When i build everything i’ll post here! :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice diagram. Here’s it revised with what I did. Only additional difference is that I connected the - from the 12v power supply to the - on the 12 to 5v converter.

EDIT: And I connected to D2