Possible to run 12v leds with this setup?

So I have hit a mental block in trying to figure this out. Here is my setup for running led lights. I want to run 12v lights instead of 5v lights. Is there way to wire this board to add 12v? Can I add 12v on the other power side and then share the data pin? I know it’s not that simple (or maybe it is!)

You will need to switch the 12v going to the light with a tranistor or relay.
Don’t connect the 12v to a GPIO on the ESP! It will go pop.


Might be easier to just buy a MagicHome and flash it with Tasmota or ESPHome

Depends on what lights you’re using. WS2812b, WS2811, WS2815, or just simple RGB LEDs in a 3528 or 5050 package? From the connector it looks like you’re using WS2812b and want to switch to using WS2815 (the 12b’s 12v brethren). In that case you will need a voltage regulator to step the 12V down to 5V or 3.3V for the ESP8266 NodeMCU. You can use a regulator or a buck converter. LEDs will connect to DC+ and common along with the regulator/converter. NodeMCU will connect to the output side of the regulator/converter.

EDIT: and read the datasheet for the lights you want to use regarding the voltage required on its data pin. Most likely it’s TTL level so directly connected to the NodeMCU should be fine and won’t require a level shift.

Thanks for your input! Here is what my feeble mind is coming up with. I am wanting to use ws2811 strips. All I get are the lights coming on but not being able to be controlled. What am I missing?

Hey mate,

I just setup a wemos d1 mini last night driving some ws2811 12v LEDs, you just need to make sure the ground is common to the signal. heres the wiring I used:

And heres how it looks ! :))


Its possible that youve fried the nodemcu by hooking 12v up to it. if it doesnt work when wired like my diagram youll need a new ESP…


Thank you for the diagram! I don’t believe I fried the board as it still has the led and I am still able to connect to the WLED app. HOWEVER, using your diagram I still do not get any control. They just light up and stay that way! image

Also, maybe related or not but I keep getting “device unreachable” on the WLED app.

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whats the WLED app? what software are you runnong on the NodeMCU ?

https://github.com/Aircoookie/WLED/ Look at this … just finsihed my projhect and it is really easy to setup :slight_smile:

How does this compare to BRUH’S led project?

@bachoo786 it’s easier to setup … plug and play … more effects and light pallettes. Android native app … and maybe just a taste :slight_smile:

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And as per @DrZzs recent video, interfaces with HA nicely.

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Only thing I miss is the color palette of wled … We only get effects

It’s the native android App :slight_smile:

Is it true that power needs to be injected every 2-3m if your are running a strip more than 5m?

If you are using 5v lights that is preferred on long runs. I am running 450, 12v ws2811 pixels off of one 12v 40a power supply and cannot notice any significant dimming at the end of the run.

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adding some point of extra electrical power does not hurt and stabilzes the led strip.

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Apologies for dusting off this thread, but it was a result in one of my searches, so I assume others are seeing it, also.
The wiring diagram CountParadox has here is correct, except a ground needs to be connected from - on the power supply to – on the converter for the signal to make it to the strip. it’s the long way around, but should be ok. The shorter the leads the better.
Also, if you’re getting gibberish instead of the LED pattern you are expecting, put a 470 ohm resistor in series with the D4 line at the controller.

Have you checked that you use the correct stick for data from nodemcu
wled uses pin 6 if I remember correctly, but google it otherwise

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Hi! So i can make it work using your diagram shown on the image with 12v power supply with a dc to dc so i can get 5v to power the nodemcu and a ws8211 led 12v it works like a charm?

yep the LEDs may need 12v for power but theyre still happy enough with the TTL logic levels :slight_smile:

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