Possible to run Home Assistant on Fedora 23

I have a music server (Vortexbox) which runs on top of Fedora 23. Given this machine is under utilised I’d like to run Home Assistant here as well.

Given Fedora 23 is fairly old is it possible to run Home Assistant on it? Are there any installation/setup instructions for this flavor of Fedora?

The short answer is yes. I would not advise running Home Assistant Supervised on here, because it’s A) not supported officially and B) even if you don’t care about that aspect, you’re likely going to have to jump though some hoops on your own to get it working (and you’re definitely not going to find installation instructions out there).

However, if you are comfortable with setting up Python or can run Docker on there, the Home Assistant Core or Home Assistant Container methods should work for you. You won’t have add-ons, but Home Assistant itself should run fine.

Take a look at this post for more info on the available installation methods:

Ok thanks. Given I’m not a Linux pro, I guess that unfortunately answers that question