Possible to split dev-template horizontally?


Using larger templates quickly makes the vertically split dev-template pane too small to view the entire template in 1 glance, and forces the user to scroll the page frequently. Especially when the template is much longer than the pane itself, and the result is only 1 line…

Also when using longer lines than the half screen estate we now can use, causing these lines to wrap and become more difficult to read.

It would be very nice to be able to split the screen horizontally, so one has the full template in view, and the result below that.

Would anyone know if we have a setting for that, or would that be a feature request :wink:
Filed as such to be sure…


Just to bump this, since it has become more relevant than before, with the new way the screen is rendered in the developer/template page.

Available space has been cut done to a single line, and it is practically impossible to scroll to the end of the line, to find the correct spot to push the enter key and create some breathing space in the template area.

Even so, it would still be very welcome to be able to have a full screen width available for the larger templates.
So we don’t have to scroll at all, and have the result-pane below that, probably a single line, or, when larger results are presented, also using the full width then available.