Possible to Toggle Picture Glance Cards Every X Seconds automatically?

I’m using a series of Picture Glance Cards on a dashboard I have projected to a screen via ChromeCast that can only be viewed (no touch), which I use as a visual hub in my home. I’m short on screen real estate, so I’m exploring ways to fit more of my camera views and information onto the screen, so I’d like to have the Picture Glance Cards that show static images from my cameras to be shared with a few cameras (and maybe switch to the one with motion).

Does anyone know of a way to do this? May through an automation or something?

I’ve looked into custom cards like, the like surveillance camera card, and a few others, but nothing is really working as I’m envisioning. Ideally, it’d be similar to how UniFi Protect offers a Live View where I can take multiple cameras in one square and have it switch every few seconds or based on motion detection.

There are possibly more elegant solutions then this one…
My first thought would be to write a small automation to write the various pictures to the same file being used in the card, e.g. write file Cam1 to Pic1, wait x sec, write file Cam2 to Pic1, wait…etc. and bundle this under a repeat-until

I would focus on setting up an Input Select entity and include all interested cameras here as options and use select-next service to iterate over it in every x minutes.

And set up one generic camera and set it’s picture url from selected item of input select.

Whenever you add in or remove from input select, it would be source of truth for looping images.

As I said…more elegant is possible :slight_smile:
Did not even know this service…thanks

Totally makes sense if I had direct control of it. However, my case I’m looking for a dumb display to cycle through a few cameras using the same frame since there’s no way to interact with it on the display.

I’m pretty much trying to replicate the Live View grid that I could get with UniFi Protect in a browser, but within an HA dashboard that’s projected with ChromeCast to a dumb display.

I am not fully sure what you want and why the earlier solutoin does not work but only you know best and have to try it out yourselves anyhow
Another option is to templatise the card with the custom templater solution, there you can use the url in the card. An example (not matching your wishes) is the one below that only shows the camera stream when motion is detected.

type: custom:card-templater
  camera_view: live
  type: picture-glance
  camera_image_template: >
    {% if states.binary_sensor.tapo_camera_545d_motion.state == "on" %}
   {% else %} 
  {% endif %}
  title_template: '{{ states.binary_sensor.tapo_camera_545d_motion.state }}'
  entities: []
  - binary_sensor.tapo_camera_545d_motion