Possible to use phone's blueooth for HomeKit devices?

Not sure where to put it, so putting into Uncategorized, sorry if it’s a wrong place.

I have successfully set up home assistant and moved most of my homekit thread devices to it, and forwarded them back to HomeKit. I noticed an interesting thing I’ve never thought about before: when thread network goes down, iOS Home app tries to connect to the devices directly added to it using phone’s bluetooth.

I often have issues with the stability of electrical grid and apple tv (that I use as a HK hub) turns off. However, I have reserve power for the server that runs home assistant. As a result, battery powered devices can no longer be used from home assistant because apple tv disappears, and the devices are too far from the server to be available via ble.

Is there anything that can basically do what homekit does and switch to phone’s bluetooth and push data from home assistant iOS app to the server if thread disappears? I tried to google it but haven’t found anything interesting.