Possible Zigbee Issue? (Failed to get the Silicon Labs Multiprotocol add-on info

Hi Community,

While looking at the home-assistant.log file I have discovered that it is flooded with the following error occurring roughly once per minute.

2024-01-03 17:02:50.941 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.homeassistant_hardware.silabs_multiprotocol_addon] Failed to get the Silicon Labs Multiprotocol add-on info: Addon core_silabs_multiprotocol with version latest does not exist in the store

I have not noticed any issues when using HA, and googling the error has indicated that it may be related to a Zigbee coordinator (I am currently using SkyConnect with Hue light bulbs).

Does anybody have an experience of this error? Is it an issue, and how do I prevent it?

Many thanks in advance,