Possible? Zigbee relais in HomeKit as doorlock?


I want to use a Zigbee Relais as a doorlock. That’s no problem.
Is it possible to give this Zigbee device (in deconz shown as a lamp) over homebridge to HomeKit as a doorlock? I want to have a key in the wallet. So we could use the iPhone/Apple Watch as dooropener. Without activate the iPhone.
It would be great to hold the iPhone or watch to a nfc tag an the door unlocks wirhout a second step to allow this action.


An NFC tag can run an iOS shortcut. And a shortcut can call a HA service. I have tags to lock and unlock my door and garage and they work pretty well. The phone only has to be unlocked and no confirmation is needed.

Unlocked or just active (don’t know how the status is called, Display on)
Apple Watch possible?