Possibly Convert Full Spectrum Aquarium Light to ESPHome?

i was able to make a white LED aquarium light (Dennerle Nano-Power LED 5) smart via H801 running Tasmota. No big deal, only programming a sunrise / fall via rules is rather cryptic.
for my new tank i got a Chihiros RGBW LED light with a cloudbased bluetooth controller. It would be nice to hack the controller or use the H801.
Does anybody have any experience with Chihiros to share?

You got a link to that device?

My devices still to be smartified are:
The light:

Included Controller:

Or do you mean the H801? This is very common:

The Chihiros wifi bridge has a UART port on it. It’s custom board with an esp07 controller. I’ve been tinkering trying to dump the console.

Not the greatest pictures, but this is the board design. the chip in the bottom right has some numbers written in pencil but I can’t identify the chip. I would assume it should be fairly simple to integrate since it’s already based on an ESP.

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i think one needs to decrypt the bluetooth commands used.
the esp here is just a wifi to ble gateway.

any update?