POST API Node-Red Home Assistant

I have a Node-Red in my Home Assistant, and I have another Node-Red in the IBM Cloud, I would like to transfer all the functionalities to my Node-Red in the Home Assistant, however, I can’t make my local appliances that work with API REST, send a Post to my Local Node-Red… the node simply doesn’t receive it.

My local Node-Red is on

and the device that sent the post is on

so i try there - won’t - won’t

I see several tutorials on the internet, and all I found teach node-red to do a Get out, from Home Assistant, to another server outside…

I want exactly the opposite way, I want it outside, send it to the Home Assistant

am I forgetting something?

When I tested an http server setup on Node-RED, I found that http requests inbound to Node-RED are managed on the same port as the Node-RED UI is exposed on.

As Node-RED is running on HA as an addon, it has some of the basic settings modified, however Node-RED usually exposes UI out of port 1880, whereas HA exposes UI out of 8123. Using 8123 to get at Node-RED is effectively tunnelling through HA, so http requests on port 8123 are probably just being ignored by HA.

Check the HA settings > addon > node red > network setting for the port your NR UI is exposed on.

I find direct access to Node-RED on port 1880 when NR is an HA addon is security protected by HA and in a web browser going to 192.168.0.haip:1880 requires the HA user credentials for access, but it gets me to NR directly.



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