Post-installation orientation request

Okay, I’ve successfully installed under Buster on a PC:

apt-get install -y apparmor-utils apt-transport-https avahi-daemon ca-certificates curl dbus jq network-manager socat software-properties-common

apt-get install
#Debian Buster package is recent CE version

curl -sL “hllps://” | bash -s
Everything completes without error so I know I’ll get to bed on time tonight, but then!

I sick my browser on “hllp://hassio.local:8123” but she ain’t there.
So I type “hassio homeassistant info” but nobody’s home.

Can someone please point me to the tuturial I should be at?

(apologies about hllp in place of http. The forum thinks I’m spamming links)

Also, is the syntax highlighting on this forum seems tricky as can be seen from above (???) ie the back-ticks don’t work.

Okay, I finally found a great tutorial for this and I’m finally up:

And comprehensive Docker walk-through:

Fact is, the installation for NUC as explained above is just a plain hass io containerized install and therefore the NUC instructions apply. Just a bit confusing because I don’t got no Nukes.

You used inverted commas, not backticks. The backticks character is next to the 1 Under ~ … it’s tricky the first time…

You should be using docker-ce