Posting data to LCD screen

Hi, Im just converting my home automation from Domoticz and im stuck on sending data to my LCD screens.
The have the status of the alarm and current temp.

They accept HTTP posts like,4,1,House%20Temp:

How can I make Home Assistant post this data every minute with the current temp from my Aeotec sensor?
Ive spent hours getting nowhere.


ESPEasy :wink: I recognize the URL haha.

I think this would work:

alias: 'Update display with temperature'
  - platform: state
    entity_id: sensor.aeotec_temperature
  blablabla call shellcommand here

And then call a shellcommand (curl) with dynamic values like they do on the bottom of the page here

This way it won’t run every minute, but only if the value of the Aeotec changes. Which is a nicer option anyway i think.

Yes a EspEasy, I say that page but my skill are limited in this script, have to try again.