Power consumption of Tuya smart plug not automatically updating

Hi everyone,

I’m rather new to home automation and to Home Assistant in particular. I’m doing my best to get things working by reading everything I can find, but I couldn’t find an answer to this problem I’m having.

What I would like to achieve
I have a video projector in my living room, and i would like my smart plug to detect when it is on just by monitoring it’s current voltage or the amount of W it consumes. When my defined threshold is hit, I have an automation that is designed to close my shutters during the daytime.
Quite easy you’ll say! And you know what: the automation in itself works! :smile:

So what is the problem?
My smart plug is a zigbee one, working with Tuya. The power consumption is correctly reported and updated in Tuya in real time. I have the Tuya v2 integration in Home Assistant, and I enabled the power and voltage sensors for my smart plug. BUT these sensors are not updated automatically when I turn my projector on and off. In fact, they can keep showing the wrong value for hours.

The only way I found to get the values updated in Home Assistant is either:

  • By opening the Tuya app and go to my smart plug page,
  • Or by restaring the Tuya integration. Actually I thought it was working, but it does not fix the sensor values, my mistake!

Not an elegant solution for home automation :sweat_smile: !

What is my best solution to get this values updated, either on a regular basis (e.g. every xx seconds) or in real time?

Thanks for your help and sorry if this question looks kinda “newbish”, I can assure you I did a lot of research before posting here.

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Could not find a solution to this, I ended up buying a ConBee II USB key (for local ZigBee integration) and configuring my smart plugs on it.

What is your version of Home Assistant? Your issue may be related to the following one fixed at 2021.12.6 version.

I seem to have the problem of it not updating its power with latest version, wifi tuya v2

I have the same problem, 2 wifi Tuya sockets. Power/current/voltage updating only when I open Tuya app on smartphone. I installed also local Tuya integration and it works exactly the same!.
Like it wasn’t local at all.

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I haven’t tried Tuya Local. But I can add my name into the hat of people that are experiencing the situation where the energy monitoring related values only update in HA (v 2022.6.7) with you have the Tuya App open on your phone.

I’m using the Antela branded WiFi Smart Plug, model number: F1s302-UK

Anyone found any workaround/solution on this? It is nice the zigbee plug but are twice expensive most of the times and the times are not ideal if you want to buy a lot…

I have now both integrations, official Tuya and local Tuya. In Local Tuya you can set scan interval and when you set it to for example 60s it refreshes also the official Tuya sensors. But Local Tuya doesn’t have all the sensors from official so I use both.

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I’m facing the same problem at the moment. Using 2 Hama " WLAN-Steckdose “Mini”, mit Stromverbrauchsmesser, per Sprache/App steuern | Hama" Plugs. they only update the values when i open the Tuya app on my mobil phone.

Is there any solution for this?



I don’t have HA but I have the same problem when using the zigbee smart plugs. I only use the Tuya app and thus platform.

I solved this problem with a simple trick.

When creating the automation add a check that is updates frequently and is always “true”.
Use “when all conditions are fulfilled”.

When smartplug “X” is above 20watt AND temperature is above -40 degrees celcius AND wind speed is below 250km/u.

The temperature check and wind check have a small delay of a few minutes…that’s the down side.
But maybe u can use another smart switch that is checked and meets the condition.