Power in smart switch

Hello, are the values of my smart socket correct? I always thought that power is calculated by the product of voltage and current, 230.9*1.24 = 286.31, but I get a power value of 173, maybe I understand something wrong?Can someone please explain

Is it consistently/always wrong? The power reading might be using a longer average than the other values (so it might lag behind them).

Also, what smart switch are you using and what is it powering?

tuya smart switch, for some devices, the power consumption value is correct, apparently it is not calculated by simply multiplying the current and voltage

'Tuya smart switch ’ is pretty vague/broad; can you be more specific? Also, you didn’t mention what you’re powering with it. Based on what you’re describing, I doubt it’s the case, but depending what you’re powering (and the capabilities of the smart device), power factor might be involved. But like I said, that’s pretty unlikely.

P= V*I is only valid for resistive loads. For reactive loads you also need to take into account power factor.

What you have calculated here: 230.9*1.24 is apparent power. What your smart plug is showing is real power.

See: What is Power Factor? | How to Calculate Power Factor Formula | Fluke