Power meter frequency

I have identical power plugs.

ANy idea why the update frequency varies so much?

Blue looks consistent, kinda.
Orange has gaps of 15min at times.

They are all these.

Most of such devices do report a valuechange, when a predefined change is reached.
So looks like, for example, the blue reports if value chanded by 0.1 W, but the orange reports if value changed by 1 W.
Mostly you can change that in the device settings. I dont know, how that works with the devices you are using.

So just look at the settings of the blue one and copy them to the orange one should fix it.

Other posibility is, that the orange one has bad connection and does send changes, but they do not arrive. When finally a connection is made, value gets updated.

They have no settings.

I moved them around, and I think it is bad connection. That said, the router is in a ikea cupboard, as is the plug. That’s a few thin chipboard pieces in between.

Still we have bursts of frequent updates along with long periods of nothing.