Power Meter w/ cost tracking


A while back I posted a ESPHome configuration - a noninvasive Power Meter w/ cost tracking, inspired by Home Assistant Glow.

I rather quickly became aware of some serious issues and having no time to fix those issues, I deleted the post. I have now ‘rethunk’ the whole thing (and ended up with a much more simple configuration).

You can find it here:


I’ve now had it running for about 9 months, without any problems so far :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you should describe the metering hardware somewhere…

Oh, I guess you mean the power panel hardware. It’s one of those with a led that flashes to indicate consumption. Mine flashes for every 0.001 kwh used.

Yep I guessed so, but you could put it in the first line of your github description.
Nice job anyway…

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