Power metering from connected devices

Hi all,

I have been migrating from Fibaro long time ago, but never found the time to re-configure my power metering in HA. Now seems to be the time.

In Fibaro we could set a connected power for switches like their FGS221 or for example an Everspring AN157. We could simply say there is e.g. 12W connected. Then every time the switch was on, it would start counting power consumption for that unit.

Is there such option in HA?
I could not really find it, except for some fibaro dimmers, which do auto measure.


I do something like this directly on my devices. But that only works if not only the hardware is owned but also full access to the software is given. I use esphome on my (esp based) devices and this custom component allows easy power metering for lights or switches:

If you don’t have full control over your devices you still should be able to do something like that in ha. For example with power calc: