Power monitoring challenge

Hi - I bought your power outage kit from ‘The Smartest House’. It works great but I’m trying to figure out how to solve one challenge. I have a persistent notification setup so when the contact opens it sends an alert. The setup is closed when power is on. The challenge is it only sends it once if power goes off ‘Open’. Obviously because of that I only get one notification and I’d like multiple. Kind of a ‘Helloooo Mcfly’ wack in the head - I was thinking of setting a variable which would hold the value until it reset and check that variable for a change - or a virtual switch ? I’m not very skilled at coding or HA in general so I’m looking for some suggestions.


In your automation select the action type named REPEAT. Then set the repeat type to until. Then set your condition. It will repeat the action you set until the condition you specified is met.

Another option is to configure an alert using the alert integration. I use these extensively to send texts to my phone when things need attention and for issues like power outages.

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Thank you both - I will look at the links and see if I can get this to work