Power monitoring on the cheap?


I have a few hanging devices whose power draw I’d like to know, but I don’t particularly care for controlling them. Is there a cheapish way of doing that? I mostly have Fibaro Zwave smart plugs or Fibaro switches inside the light switches when I actually want to control the on/off, but these cost like €50 these days and it’s hard to justify for energy monitoring. I have a Shelly 3em in the fuse box, but there is no more space there really.

I have ZWave, Zigbee (deConz), Wifi and even 433 Mhz RFXCOM and ESPHOME with BT. I guess keeping it off Wifi would be an advantage. I am in the EU


@Mr.ToR presented his very nice (cheap & accurate) self brew here :point_down:


For what reason? I guess Wifi is the most “performant” (highest bandwidth) technology of the ones you presented. You can easily report every 0.1 second with the linked setup (pzem004t + esphome over wifi). :signal_strength:

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Oh god… :-1:

This is the perfect recipe to burn down your home. Hackish as hell with 230V. Don’t do that. Just… don’t. Do improvised connections with tape and zipties all you want on 5V. But 230V is a completely different beast. If things go wrong, they will go wrong really badly.

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