Power Monitoring Seems Off

I have a few plugs (Minoston) and switches (Inovelli) that do power monitoring of the attached end load. I was recently looking at their the power consumption graph and noticed the graph was perpetually increasing instead of showing me the consumption on a hourly basis, like my mind told me what to expect.

Can someone clarify this for me, am I suppose to see a constantly growing consumption over time or am I suppose to see the total consumption over an hour long period? Just seems weird to me.

Do I have to manually reset this reading, say on an hourly basis through an automation?

Does anyone know if these devices reset the power consumption (kWh) counter? How does this effect the energy dashboard, I have linked any of these devices to the energy dashboard yet but intend to in the future once I install my grid meter.

My tasmota PowerPoint monitor resets it’s daily energy at midnight.
I put the total energy on the dashboard. the dashboard resets that at midnight also.

Ok so you kind of experience the same thing as I do. Granted your device knows time as it’s Wifi based. I’m guessing since my device doesn’t tell time it waiting for me to reset it manually. I guess I’ll have to figure out a way to tell all my Z-Wave devices that monitor power to reset their accumulators.

Yeah the daily value is reset on the device.
The energy dashboard should reset the total cumulative correctly, if its set to
state_class: total_increasing